LELO Legacy of Equality, Leadership and Organizing

In 1973 the United Construction Workers Association, the Alaska Cannery Workers Association, and the United Farmer Workers of Washington State established LELO as a racial and economic justice workers' rights 501c3 nonprofit organization. As an organization led by ordinary workers, we develop the leadership of those most marginalized in our society: people of color, working class women, recent immigrants and LGBTQ (lesbian/ gay/bisexual/ transgender/ queer) workers. Our social change strategy is local organizing, with emphasis on political education and solidarity networks with workers across all borders.

Celebration for 43 years of LELO postponed until October.

Due to circumstances out of our control, LELO's annual event is postponed until October 18. Mark your calendars now! Same place, same time but different date. We will send you further information as the date draws near. Thank you again for your continued support of LELO's work.

LELO Relicensing Program

LELO experience with re-licensing goes deep as it started 14 years ago as a community outrage to the increased arrests in low-income communities because of unpaid traffic infractions.

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